Food/Toiletry Pantry

Fridays 5-7pm
Thursdays 5-7pm

Our food/toiletry pantry serves those in need and operates on Thursday and Friday evenings from 5-7pm

On Thursday evenings a max of 60 numbers may be given out.

On Friday Evening a max of 70 numbers may be given out.

Numbers are handed out approxamately 30 minutes before opening time. Numbers will not be handed out after the closing times. Closing times are 7pm on Thursday and Friday.

We are only accepting customers from our service area. To find out if you are in our service area please select "Who We Serve" under Pantry in the upper menu.

Please note that you may not get help from the pantry two weeks in a row. There must be at least one week between asssistance. Weeks are counted by the last day of the week.

For example. If you recieve assistance the week of the 19th of October, you may not seek assistance the week of the 26th of October.

Please see the info you need to bring under "What To Bring" in the Pantry tab of the menu above.